How Do I Come Back?

Cristina Gottardi

I always struggle with coming back to things. How do I come back to this blog 5 years later? This blog was built on technologies that might not exist or be exciting anymore. As I’ve moved forward in my career, I’ve moved away from creating and building technology to talking about and enabling technology.

How do I come back to this space from which I’ve been absent for so long? It almost feels like I shouldn’t come back and I should continue to let it age and grow moss. Lucky for me, this is my space and my tiny bit of the internet that I pay for,so I get to be here. In whatever form I want.

Write what you know.

This has always intrigued me and irked me. Writing what I know is great because I know about things that interest me and I’m always willing to talk about those things. Sometimes the phrase irks me because if you only write what you know, how do you find out new things? I suppose you go find out about the new things and they you can write about them. I get pouty because it takes me too long to remember that.

How do I come back? What do I write about? What is interesting to me?

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  1. alfredtwo says:

    You just write. Write whatever you want. THis is your space.

    1. creepyed says:

      Thanks, Alfred. You’re the best 🙂

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