Why College Is Cheaper Than It Looks

In retrospect, we’ve heard all the negativity behind higher education and how schools are nabbing students for every penny they’re worth – and more. This infographic gives another light on the finances of higher education – and how it may be more affordable than you thought. (via @ohtinytony) Created by: Online University

Geek vs. Nerd

This may have already made its way to you, but if it hasn’t, use this infographic to figure out if you’re a geek or a nerd. I didn’t keep count, but I’m definitely a little lot of both. : ) From: MastersInIt.org

Best. Generation. Ever.

Adopted from Pew Researchers Scott Keeter & Paul Taylor, the generation of millennials are pretty rad. Our politics, lifestyle, education and work make us the ‘it’ generation. This infographic illustrates their research. (via @ohtinytony) Created by: Online Graduate Programs

Facebook & Grades

As social media continues to evolve, Facebook leads the front and also plays one of the most critical roles in tomorrow’s education. This collaborative infographic illustrates the most thorough data to this date on the topic from leading social media researcher, Reynol Junco. (via @ohtinytony) Via: OnlineEducation.net

The Math-Science Shortage

One of the quickest growing industries in the US and one of the most important to the growth of our economy is taking a hit. Why are Students being turned off by STEM? Perhaps the difficulty? Maybe something else? Take a look at this beautifully hand-drawn infographic that explores why students are being turned off. (via @ohtinytony)

America’s Big Test

“It’s the culmination of American K-12 education: students must prove they’re ready for college. The SAT results for 2011 are in, and what do they reveal? The disparity in achievement is growing. Some students’ scores are dropping, some are rising, and the majority are not prepared to succeed at the collegiate level.” (via @ohtinytony) Created…

The Digital Promise

“In September of this year, the White House launched the ‘Digital Promise’ initiative, a national center dedicated to improving the implementation of technology in schools all across the US. Though technology has advanced tremendously in the last 20 years, education has not kept pace with these innovations. The Digital Promise seeks to remedy this discrepancy,…

Business of Your Brain

I’ve been finding amusement from this nifty infographic for at least the past three days. Business of Your Brain is an awesome piece of infographic software that looks at your Outlook activity and makes personalized infographics for you! I love knowing what words I use most in my sent emails (even though it includes the entire email,…

Sitting = Bad

This it the inforgraphic I meant to post last week. I’m getting ready to set up my home office and I’ve heard about the benefits of a standing desk. This happy little ingraphic from Medical Billing and Coding goes over some of the ways that sitting is bad for you. Does anyone else work at…

I <3 Infographics!

Here’s a little-known fact about me: I L-O-V-E infographics. Alright, it’s not a little-known fact, but it is true! I love the idea of presenting chunks of data (whether important, boring, shocking, historical, etc.) in a highly visual and easy-to-digest format. In hopes that you are as inquisitive and curious as I am, I’m going…