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How Do I Come Back?

Cristina Gottardi

I always struggle with coming back to things. How do I come back to this blog 5 years later? This blog was built on technologies that might not exist or be exciting anymore. As I’ve moved forward in my career, I’ve moved away from creating and building technology to talking about and enabling technology.

How do I come back to this space from which I’ve been absent for so long? It almost feels like I shouldn’t come back and I should continue to let it age and grow moss. Lucky for me, this is my space and my tiny bit of the internet that I pay for,so I get to be here. In whatever form I want.

Write what you know.

This has always intrigued me and irked me. Writing what I know is great because I know about things that interest me and I’m always willing to talk about those things. Sometimes the phrase irks me because if you only write what you know, how do you find out new things? I suppose you go find out about the new things and they you can write about them. I get pouty because it takes me too long to remember that.

How do I come back? What do I write about? What is interesting to me?

Life Direction

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything here and recently I’ve felt that should change. This post definitely differs from what I usually blog about since it will dip into my personal life and career. I’ve also been thinking about the direction for this space…which I can do, because it’s mine. 🙂 (Also, I’m working with my WordPress installation and some of the plugins are breaking it. I’m sorry about the generic theme and broken source code. I’m hoping I can fix it soon.)

First of all, a life update. About a year ago, around when I made my last post, I made the decision to leave Microsoft. That decision was really difficult for me; I loved working for Microsoft and talking with students about the awesome apps they created. However, an awesome opportunity came up that would give me the chance to be Program Manager for one of Microsoft’s academic initiatives. Unfortunately, this opportunity was a contract position that meant I had to leave Microsoft in order to take this role.

So, a year ago I left Microsoft and now I contract for Microsoft as a vendor. I currently work on DreamSpark! For me, this is amazing! As a student, I used DreamSpark to get software, as an Academic Developer Evangelist I told students about DreamSpark and now I get to help keep DreamSpark running. I think it’s a pretty nifty full circle.

As a bonus, one of my life goals has always been to come back and live in the Seattle area. I have lots of family and good friend out here. Plus, it means that I get to spend more time with my boyfriend Andrew since we no longer have to commute from one side of the country to the other to see each other. This was a great move for me, career-wise and personally. Unfortunately, it meant that I was super busy moving and getting to know my new job with DreamSpark and I didn’t have a lot of time for blogging. But that’s about to change, yay!

Now for the part where I ruminate about what I want to do with this space. My site, has been a personal blog and a work blog. They both have had a technology slant and I really like that. I no longer need to keep a work blog since I’m not being measured on my online presence (which explains why it seemed like I dropped of the face of social media for a year). This space can return to being a personal blog. However, I still want this blog to have a technical slant because 1) I love technology and 2) I really want to keep using “tech-cellent.”

Going forward, I will be using to document some of my side projects. I’m hoping that blogging about what I’m doing will keep me accountable for finishing my projects. I’ve found that I have a lot of passionate energy, but I sometimes I struggle to focus it and not get distracted by the next thing that comes up. I plan to post my process and progress on my projects along with the finished product. This is really different from what I’ve posted here in the past, but I’m sorry I’m not sorry. I’m using these projects to figure out what my next step should look like. I’m sure there will be some tech here and there as well. I hope you stick with me!