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Generation App

generationappsmallEvery era has its defining technology.

There was radio, then television, and then the Internet.

Today, applications have become the technology that informs and entertains the world.

Welcome to Generation App.

Generation App is a movement that will unite everyone who has a stake in the future of applications—people with ideas for apps, people who code apps, and people who use apps.

With Windows 8 on the horizon, there’s never been a better time to make applications. Hardware manufacturers are preparing new devices and consumers are preparing to upgrade, representing an unparalleled business opportunity for developers.

Generation App will have a lively presence at TechEd 2012 in Orlando, Florida. Attendees who stop by the Generation App booth will see coders building apps in real-time, learn how to launch an app in 30 days, have the chance to submit ideas for apps they’d like to see coded, and get a custom-printed T-shirt plus other surprises.

Join Generation App at http://aka.ms/nkadgm. Carpe diem!

30 Days of App Development Tips

In May I tweeted some Windows Phone development tips. So you don’t have to go through my Twitter stream, I’ve compiled all 30 of the tips here. Starting at Day 1 and all the way to Day 30, here are some app development tips! And be sure to follow me on Twitter, @creepyed!

Day 1 – Check out the User Experience Design Guidelines for #WindowsPhone! http://bit.ly/LBJOwe #wpdev #Undergr0und

Day 2 – Creating your first #WindowsPhone user interface! http://bit.ly/KgYwX0 #wpdev #Undergr0und

Day 3 – Building your first Silverlight app for #WindowsPhone http://bit.ly/LsmJxM & for XNA framework application: http://bit.ly/Kdiicv

Day 4 – Creating a Splash Screen for your #WindowsPhone application  http://bit.ly/NKJY61 #wpdev #Undergr0und

Day 5 – Adding panorama & pivot controls to your app http://bit.ly/LcdHEd & pivot controls: http://bit.ly/KHtHAH #wpdev

Day 6 – Adding an application bar to your app! XAML: http://bit.ly/Kh0vKU app bar:  http://bit.ly/Mft93n & buttons http://bit.ly/Kh0Dua

Day 7 – Changing the on-screen keyboard input scope in #WindowsPhone http://bit.ly/KLcwZ1 #wpdev #undergr0und

Day 8 – Applying Theme Resources for #WindowsPhonehttp://bit.ly/IGa0mZ #wpdev #undergr0und

Day 9 – Performing Page Navigation on #WindowsPhone http://bit.ly/JbHuPV #wpdev #undergr0und

Day 10 – Working with Tiles in #WindowsPhone Demonstration here:  http://bit.ly/L3WH2x #wpdev #undergr0und

Day 11 – Using Photos with your #WindowsPhone app. Camera capture task: http://bit.ly/JzG2om & more http://bit.ly/IEOQqz #wpdev

Day 12 – Storing files & folders with #WindowsPhone! See examples: http://bit.ly/KNN7yK #wpdev #undergr0und

Day 13 – Using the Isolated Storage Explorer Tool http://bit.ly/J32PEX (super useful!) #wpdev #undergr0und

Day 14 – Downloading data with WebClient on #WindowsPhone! Code samples: http://bit.ly/JXRgkc #wpdev #undergr0und

Day 15 – Using Launchers & Choosers with your app! Launchers for#WindowsPhone http://bit.ly/JXUggI & http://bit.ly/JQhd4P

Day 16 – Extending the Pictures Hub and picture viewer experience for #WindowsPhone. Implement these elements http://bit.ly/L11zDo #wpdev

Day 17 – Integrating with the Music & Video Hubs for #WindowsPhone http://bit.ly/I0dwK1 #wpdev #undergr0und

Day 18 – Extending the #WindowsPhone search experience with App Connect! More here: http://bit.ly/LjN0kf #wpdev #undergr0und

Day 19 – Accessing the Microphone in a Silverlight app http://bit.ly/JmkFJD #WindowsPhone #wpdev #undergr0und

Day 20 – Integrating with the FM Radio for #WindowsPhone. Set up and tune http://bit.ly/KqNgbH #wpdev #undergr0und

Day 21 – Accessing the camera image stream. Base camera app info here: http://bit.ly/MbvpYi #WindowsPhone #wpdev #undergr0und

Day 22 – Download the Windows #Azure Toolkit to add support for push notifications. http://bit.ly/K8dIIs More here http://bit.ly/JtvfPd

Day 23 – Localizing your #WindowsPhone app http://bit.ly/L7t0Pz #wpdev #undergr0und

Day 24 – Creating Trial Applications for#WindowsPhone http://bit.ly/KLis9H #wpdev #undergr0und

Day 25 – Adding ads to your #WindowsPhone application http://bit.ly/LkNZLi #wpdev #undergr0und

Day 26 – Deploying and testing your app on a #WindowsPhonedevice http://bit.ly/Kg1NJ6 #wpdev #undergr0und

Day 27 – Performance tuning your apps. Capture & analyze performance http://bit.ly/KayJ6T & fix issues http://bit.ly/MnEKwn #wpdev

Day 28 – Creating screenshots for #WindowsPhone Marketplace submission http://bit.ly/KPmISc #wpdev #undergr0und

Day 29 – Using the #WindowsPhone Marketplace test kit http://bit.ly/LQzqFf #wpdev #undergr0und

Day 30 – #WindowsPhone Marketplace submission walkthrough http://bit.ly/JNjhLB #wpdev #undergr0und


Happy developing!

Fast Track App Winners & Notable Finalists!

About the Challenge

Core77 and Microsoft’s Windows Phone teams challenged the international design community to design apps for Windows Phone 7.5 that would help users do their work—where ever it takes place. Five winning app designs were selected and the designers connected to established Windows Phone app developers to advise or partner with to help develop their ideas into functioning apps.

The remaining Finalists were also provided resources and interested Windows Phone developer contacts, and the first to develop and launch their apps by the end of February became the Notable Finalists. Find out more at the original Fast Track App submission site.

I love Project Mosaic, 1tap2send and MetroDiff! Which ones are your favorites? Let me know in the comments!

Check out this list of apps that are available in the Windows Phone Marketplace today!


carpal car-pal+
car-pal+ is the ultimate app for any vehicle, anywhere. Helps vehicle owners track fuel efficiency, find the nearest gas station, and log maintenance reminders.
Get the app!
socialmints Social Mints
Social Mints is a FREE powerful app that allows you to easily monitor the Web and Social Media for interesting and trending content in real-time. You can track & measure what people are saying about a topic that interests you, get the latest on a celebrity or event and keep tabs on your favorite sports teams.
Get the app!
cashhound Cash Hound
Cash Hound helps you quickly make informed spending decisions while you’re on the go. Equally useful for both personal and business finance, Cash Hound shows you, at a glance, how much money you can spend today and still have enough left over to pay your upcoming expenses. (formerly Rhythmatic)
Get the app!

Notable Finalists

traveltrove Travel Trove
When you tap the plus sign at the bottom of the screen you will add a scheduled notification about a place to visit.
Get the app!
projectmosaic Project Mosaic
Ever wanted to make a mosaic using thousands of photos? Project Mosaic will use your pictures that you have on your phone, plus all the album art of any music you have, plus the profile pictures of all your contacts (from Facebook etc.) and will place them in their correct place to make up a larger image.
Get the app!
1tap2send 1tap2send
1tap2send lets you define template messages and when you’ll need them, just use them instantly. You can create new messages or customize the templates. Set the title, the message and choose a contact. You can select from a list of icons and colors for a quicker overview.
Get the app!
youtubedownload YouTube Download
YouTube Download allows you to download all YouTube videos you desire on your smartphone. You can watch them again each time you want and each time you are offline.
Get the app!
meetingplanner Meeting Planner
Meeting Planner helps to find the next available time slots to create a meeting. Meeting Planner will search between all your calendars on your Windows Phone.
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getreimbursed Get Reimbursed
Now, you can track your expense reports, your mileage records and all your receipts right from your phone using this app. Just take a picture of your receipts, attach them to a transaction quickly or plug in your mileage records and you are ready to submit your expense report.
Get the app!
metrodiff MetroDiff
MetroDiff is a differencing and merging tool for Windows Phone. MetroDiff can compare files and raw text. It can also be used as a simple text and webpage sourcecode viewer.
Get the app!
mhealth mHealth
mHeath is a Windows Phone 7 game which engages users to adopt a virtual pet within the application; it will mimic many real-life health issues within the game.
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smsscheduler SMS Scheduler
Using SMS Scheduler you can schedule a text message to be sent to any number of recipient at any time.
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taskmaster TASKMASTER
TASKMASTER is an app to plan and organize your everyday tasks and long time plans.
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slickflow SlickFlow
SlickFlow is a workflow software designed for the Windows Phone platform. With SlickFlow, users will be able to identify, at any time, at which stage a process is, who is the owner of the current stage and when the project was last updated.
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daysuntil Days Until
Days Until takes the complexity out of knowing how many days a left for a particular event. It lists the events in a simple interface, so you can check out the days left for an event at a glance.
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drawandtell Draw & Tell
Draw & Tell will make it easy for everyone to draw and share storyboards, even for people who cannot draw for nuts. This app will increase work productivity especially in the creativity aspects.
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