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Windows 8 DevCamps and Hackathons: July – September

I’m happy to pass along word that a new series of Windows 8 developer events are coming soon! These are special two-day events, with a DevCamp on day one featuring a full day of sessions plus an InstallFest, followed on day two by a Hackathon with Lightning Talks where you can bring app ideas to life with Microsoft and community experts on hand to help.


Windows 8 changes everything.

Combining the broad reach of Windows, best-in-class developer tools, a re‑imagined user experience, support for new chipsets, and a built-in store with industry-leading business terms, Windows 8 is the largest developer opportunity – ever.

Join us for free events with new sessions and hands-on opportunities designed to help you start building Metro-style applications for Windows 8 – today. We’ll show you how to use Visual Studio to code fast, fluid, immersive, and beautiful Metro-style applications in HTML5/JavaScript, XAML/C# and C/C++. Your existing investments in these languages carry forward, making Windows a no-compromise platform for developers. Attend just one day or join us for two full days of learning. It’s your choice.

DevCamp – Day 1

Events run from 9:00AM – 8:00PM

Our DevCamp covers Windows 8 Release Preview from top to bottom, featuring sessions that run from introductory to intermediate as the day unfolds. These sessions will be followed by an InstallFest to prepare your system for hands-on app development.

Hackathon – Day 2

Events run from 9:00AM – 9:00PM

Our Hackathon is an open Windows 8 code fest, where you’ll put what you’ve learned into practice. Code to your heart’s content, with Windows 8 experts available to guide you through every step of the process. It’s the perfect opportunity to get your dream application underway, or to finish that app you’ve already started.

This full-day event will be filled with coding, sharing, plenty of food, and the occasional Lightning Talk on topics determined by your apps and questions. Bring your own laptop installed with Windows 8 Release Preview, your apps and your cool ideas and get ready to create!

Cities and Dates

Separate registration for DevCamps and Hackathons is required

The choice is yours to join us for either or both days, but please register for each separately.

Seating is limited, so click the date links below (or call 1-877-MSEVENT) to reserve your seat today!

Can’t wait? Get started today at 30 to Launch!

Location DevCamp Hackathon
Manhattan, NY 14-Jul 15-Jul
St Louis, MO 16-Jul 17-Jul
Brooklyn, NY 19-Jul 20-Jul
Nashville, TN 19-Jul 20-Jul
Los Angeles, CA 20-Jul 21-Jul
Rochester, NY 27-Jul 28-Jul
Mountain View, CA 27-Jul 28-Jul
Atlanta, GA 3-Aug 4-Aug
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 3-Aug 4-Aug
Redmond, WA 3-Aug 4-Aug
Dallas, TX 7-Aug 8-Aug
Chevy Chase, MD 10-Aug 11-Aug
Denver, CO 10-Aug 11-Aug
Irvine, CA 17-Aug 18-Aug
Boston, MA 17-Aug 18-Aug
Raleigh, NC 17-Aug 18-Aug
Reston, VA 17-Aug 18-Aug
Orlando, FL 17-Aug 18-Aug
Minneapolis, MN 23-Aug 24-Aug
Houston, TX 24-Aug 25-Aug
San Francisco, CA 24-Aug 25-Aug
Downers Grove, IL 28-Aug 29-Aug
Phoenix, AZ 7-Sep 8-Sep
Malvern, PA 14-Sep 15-Sep

Register today and join us for these fantastic (and free) developer opportunities.

Agenda Update: Windows Phone Camps

I want to let everyone know about some updates to the Windows Phone Camps that are happening on the East Coast. There is an updated agenda for the following camps:

11/2/2011 NCSU, Raleigh, NC Registration
11/8/2011 UCF, Orlando, FL Registration
11/10/2011 Univ of Miami, Coral Gables, FL Registration
11/15/2011 Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA Registration
11/17/2011 Howard, Washington, DC Registration
11/29/2011 Georgia Tech, Atlanta, GA Registration
12/1/2011 Hofstra, Long Island, NY Registration

For the locations above, there is a new agenda. The new start time is 2:00 PM!! Please update that in your calendars! Here’s the new agenda:

2:00 PM Welcome Campers
2:15 PM How to make money with your Windows Phone app
3:00 PM Frameworks for fun and profit > Silverlight and XNA
4:00 PM Cool stuff your app can do
5:00 PM Dinner and Hackathon
8:15 PM XAP-Off (show off your app)

The day will be capped with an open lab hands-on session and prizes for apps completed. This is the perfect opportunity to begin work on your dream application, or finish that app you’ve already started, with Windows Phone experts there to guide you every step of the way. Bring your own laptop to join in the fun and show off your killer app!

I hope to see you there!

Bring a notebook computer and identification. Also check out the APP HUB where you can get developer tools, learn about application features, understand common task for Apps and register and load your APP.

This event is brought to you by Microsoft and is free of charge. However, you are responsible for booking and paying for your own travel and accommodations. If your location is not listed in this post, you can find the agenda in the original post here.