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Windows 8 Office Hours

If you’re working on, or thinking about building, apps for Windows 8, and looking for some help or advice, you’ll be super interested to know about the upcoming office hours in the DC metro area. In the month of October, local Microsofties will be at our Chevy Chase, MD and Reston, VA offices. During these office hours feel free to drop by and ask questions or join us for a quiet place to code. Find all the fun details below!

Chevy Chase, MD – 5404 Wisconsin Ave.

On Thursdays, Ashish Jaiman will be at the Chevy Chase office from 10am-4pm in room 7059. If you’re taking the metro, it’s the Friendship Heights stop. Ashish specializes in working with startups, so be sure to stop by if you’re part of a startup!

  • October 11th
  • October 18th
  • October 25th

Reston, VA – 12012 Sunset Hills Road

On the following Tuesdays, G. Andrew Duthie will be at the Reston office from 10am-4pm in room 3026:

  • October 23rd
  • October 30th

Don’t forget, Generation App has tons of great resources for developing Windows 8 apps. Sign up today for tips, great documentation, videos and more!

Windows Store Open to All Developers!

Today’s an especially great day to be a developer. We’re very excited to announce the last significant milestone in the rollout of the Windows Store before the general availability of Windows 8 on October 26. The Store is now open for app submissions from all developers – individuals and companies – in our supported markets, and we’ve added 82 more app submission markets! Now, developers from 120 markets can publish Windows Store apps. Ted Dworkin, Partner Program Manager for the Store, authored this post.


Exciting news for students, indie devs, pro devs, startups and everyone in between! The Windows Store is now open to all developers. You can check out the full post here.

This is great news for developers and now is the time for you to take advantage of the biggest market opportunity ever. Here’s something that’s even better: students get their Store Membership for FREE through dreamspark.com!! 

(MSDN subscribers also get a free store membership. Eligible subscriptions include Visual Studio Professional, Test Professional, Premium, Ultimate, and BizSpark.)

Here’s what to do:

  • Head to DreamSpark.
  • Create an account if you haven’t already, or log in to your existing account.
  • Verify your student status if you haven’t done so already.
  • Navigate to the Windows 8 Development page (linked here if you want a shortcut).
  • Click on the Get Registration Code link (you’ll have another chance here to verify your student status if you haven’t done so already).
  • Click on the Get Code Now link.
  • Copy the code down somewhere nice and safe and then head to the Windows Store Developer Portal and register, entering the code at the appropriate spot and voila! You’re registered and ready to start submitting apps into the store!

The dev tools are free, the SDK is ready, and we have a program to help you build your app and submit it in 30 days. Sign up now, reserve your app names and start developing—we look forward to seeing your app in the Store in time for the general availability of Windows 8!

Windows 8 Learning Sessions at Virginia Tech

Windows 8 Learning Sessions
Thursday, September 13th. 1pm-5pm
Squires Student Center, Room 219
(parking info)

Join us for a free learning sessions designed to help you start building applications for Windows 8 right away. We’ll show you how to use Visual Studio to code fast, fluid, immersive, and beautiful applications. Following the sessions, there will be an InstallFest to prepare your system for hands-on development during Startup Weekend. This event is open to the local community and students. (Students, if you want to attend Startup Weekend email ed.donahue@microsoft.com for information about discounted registration.)

  1. The Windows 8 platform for apps
    (45 minutes + 15 minutes Q&A)
    Windows 8 is Windows re-imagined. Join this session to learn about the new platform for building applications. Get an understanding of the platform design tenets, the programming language choices, and the integration points with the operating system and across Windows 8 apps.
  2. Everything web developers must know to build Windows 8 apps
    (45 minutes + 15 minutes Q&A)
    Learn how you can use your web skills to build Windows 8 apps. In this session you’ll discover how to harness the rich capabilities of Windows 8 through JavaScript and Windows Runtime. You will learn about navigation, user experience patterns and controls, inherent async design, and the seamless integration with the operating system that will let you create great apps.
  3. Integrating Windows 8 the experience with contracts
    (45 minutes + 15 minutes Q&A)
    Contracts are agreements between Windows and your app that allow you to integrate Windows 8 features into your app. For example, Windows 8 lets users share content from one application to another by using the Share contract. In this session, you’ll learn how contracts work and how to implement the built-in contracts such as Search, Share, Settings, and Play To.
  4. Bring your apps to life with tile and notifications
    (45 minutes + 15 minutes Q&A)
    Tiles draw users back into your app by awakening your tile on the Start screen. Notifications delivered through the Windows Push Notification Service draw your users back into your app even when it’s not running. In this session you will learn how to implement Tiles and Notifications and how to create tiles that let users personalize their Start screen by creating deep links to specific places within your app.

Get Started with Windows 8 Today!

Generation App

Begin your 30-day journey to create a Windows 8 Metro style app. Sign up to get started and receive:

  • Insider tips and tricks on Windows 8 application development.
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30 Days of App Development Tips

In May I tweeted some Windows Phone development tips. So you don’t have to go through my Twitter stream, I’ve compiled all 30 of the tips here. Starting at Day 1 and all the way to Day 30, here are some app development tips! And be sure to follow me on Twitter, @creepyed!

Day 1 – Check out the User Experience Design Guidelines for #WindowsPhone! http://bit.ly/LBJOwe #wpdev #Undergr0und

Day 2 – Creating your first #WindowsPhone user interface! http://bit.ly/KgYwX0 #wpdev #Undergr0und

Day 3 – Building your first Silverlight app for #WindowsPhone http://bit.ly/LsmJxM & for XNA framework application: http://bit.ly/Kdiicv

Day 4 – Creating a Splash Screen for your #WindowsPhone application  http://bit.ly/NKJY61 #wpdev #Undergr0und

Day 5 – Adding panorama & pivot controls to your app http://bit.ly/LcdHEd & pivot controls: http://bit.ly/KHtHAH #wpdev

Day 6 – Adding an application bar to your app! XAML: http://bit.ly/Kh0vKU app bar:  http://bit.ly/Mft93n & buttons http://bit.ly/Kh0Dua

Day 7 – Changing the on-screen keyboard input scope in #WindowsPhone http://bit.ly/KLcwZ1 #wpdev #undergr0und

Day 8 – Applying Theme Resources for #WindowsPhonehttp://bit.ly/IGa0mZ #wpdev #undergr0und

Day 9 – Performing Page Navigation on #WindowsPhone http://bit.ly/JbHuPV #wpdev #undergr0und

Day 10 – Working with Tiles in #WindowsPhone Demonstration here:  http://bit.ly/L3WH2x #wpdev #undergr0und

Day 11 – Using Photos with your #WindowsPhone app. Camera capture task: http://bit.ly/JzG2om & more http://bit.ly/IEOQqz #wpdev

Day 12 – Storing files & folders with #WindowsPhone! See examples: http://bit.ly/KNN7yK #wpdev #undergr0und

Day 13 – Using the Isolated Storage Explorer Tool http://bit.ly/J32PEX (super useful!) #wpdev #undergr0und

Day 14 – Downloading data with WebClient on #WindowsPhone! Code samples: http://bit.ly/JXRgkc #wpdev #undergr0und

Day 15 – Using Launchers & Choosers with your app! Launchers for#WindowsPhone http://bit.ly/JXUggI & http://bit.ly/JQhd4P

Day 16 – Extending the Pictures Hub and picture viewer experience for #WindowsPhone. Implement these elements http://bit.ly/L11zDo #wpdev

Day 17 – Integrating with the Music & Video Hubs for #WindowsPhone http://bit.ly/I0dwK1 #wpdev #undergr0und

Day 18 – Extending the #WindowsPhone search experience with App Connect! More here: http://bit.ly/LjN0kf #wpdev #undergr0und

Day 19 – Accessing the Microphone in a Silverlight app http://bit.ly/JmkFJD #WindowsPhone #wpdev #undergr0und

Day 20 – Integrating with the FM Radio for #WindowsPhone. Set up and tune http://bit.ly/KqNgbH #wpdev #undergr0und

Day 21 – Accessing the camera image stream. Base camera app info here: http://bit.ly/MbvpYi #WindowsPhone #wpdev #undergr0und

Day 22 – Download the Windows #Azure Toolkit to add support for push notifications. http://bit.ly/K8dIIs More here http://bit.ly/JtvfPd

Day 23 – Localizing your #WindowsPhone app http://bit.ly/L7t0Pz #wpdev #undergr0und

Day 24 – Creating Trial Applications for#WindowsPhone http://bit.ly/KLis9H #wpdev #undergr0und

Day 25 – Adding ads to your #WindowsPhone application http://bit.ly/LkNZLi #wpdev #undergr0und

Day 26 – Deploying and testing your app on a #WindowsPhonedevice http://bit.ly/Kg1NJ6 #wpdev #undergr0und

Day 27 – Performance tuning your apps. Capture & analyze performance http://bit.ly/KayJ6T & fix issues http://bit.ly/MnEKwn #wpdev

Day 28 – Creating screenshots for #WindowsPhone Marketplace submission http://bit.ly/KPmISc #wpdev #undergr0und

Day 29 – Using the #WindowsPhone Marketplace test kit http://bit.ly/LQzqFf #wpdev #undergr0und

Day 30 – #WindowsPhone Marketplace submission walkthrough http://bit.ly/JNjhLB #wpdev #undergr0und


Happy developing!

The HackReady.Phone Webcast Series

Dani Diaz (@danidiaz) and Lindsay Lindstrom (@LindsayInPhilly), fellow evangelists and all around rockstars, are going to be doing an MSDN Webcast series that starts on Tuesday! Make some time and get your learning on! Here’s the info and schedule:

Join us for HackReady, the new online learning series designed for developers to bring you the vital bits you need, without the fluff you won’t miss. Full of key information and demonstrations, this series gives you a solid understanding of the tools, techniques, and resources you need to become HackReady.

The HackReady.Phone series brings you seven episodes, from start to marketplace. Whether you are a new Windows Phone developer thinking about your first app or well on your way to publishing, these sessions help you get there. Join us for one or the whole series—pick and choose as you like.

(Tue 4/3 10AM PST)
MSDN Webcast: HackReady.Phone, Episode 1: Introduction to the Windows Phone Platform (Level 100) – http://aka.ms/HackReadyPhone1

(Thur 4/5 10AM PST)
MSDN Webcast: HackReady.Phone, Episode 2: Working with Internal and External Data in Windows Phone (Level 200) – http://aka.ms/HackReadyPhone2

(Tue 4/10 10AM PST)
MSDN Webcast: HackReady.Phone, Episode 3: Understanding Windows Phone’s Application Lifecycle and State Management (Level 200) – http://aka.ms/HackReadyPhone3

(Thur 4/12 10AM PST)
MSDN Webcast: HackReady.Phone, Episode 4: Working with Windows Phone Sensors and Other APIs (Level 200)http://aka.ms/HackReadyPhone4

(Tue 4/17 10AM PST)
MSDN Webcast: HackReady.Phone, Episode 5: Enhancing the User Experience and App Usability with Live Tiles, Push Notifications, and Background Agents (Level 200) – http://aka.ms/HackReadyPhone5

(Thur 4/19 10AM PST)
MSDN Webcast: HackReady.Phone, Episode 6: Enhancing Performance and Application Testing (Level 200) – http://aka.ms/HackReadyPhone6

(Tue 4/24 10AM PST)
MSDN Webcast: HackReady.Phone, Episode 7: Ready, Set, Publish: Everything You Need to Know About Releasing Your Apps (Level 200) – http://aka.ms/HackReadyPhone7

Get ready for the series and download the Windows Phone SDK!