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Free ebook: Programming Windows 8 Apps

 win8programmingProgramming Windows 8 Apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript has been completed and is now available as a free ebook download from Microsoft Press.

“This free ebook provides comprehensive coverage of the platform for Windows Store apps. Since its second preview in August, we’ve added the remaining chapters on live tiles, notifications, background tasks, background transfers, networking, devices, printing, WinRT components, accessibility, localization, and the Windows Store itself. The final ebook contains 17 chapters. And of course all of the earlier chapters have also been reviewed and refined—over 800 pages in total, along with new and updated companion content!”

Click through to get the download and the companion content.

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HTML5 Game Starter Kit for Windows 8

Yesterday, Petri (@petriw) from Microsoft Norway published this awesome resource for creating HTML5 games for Windows 8.

Want to create a game for Windows 8? And publish it to the new Windows Store?

Many of the apps that are submitted to the Windows Store are failing certification because they didn’t know that a Privacy Policy was needed, or that the game/app had to implement a snap view and so on. This kit will help you with the most important things.

The download, a guide and a video on how to use the starter kit can be found on his blog: http://digitalerr0r.wordpress.com/2012/10/08/html5-game-starter-kit-for-windows-8/. Get started on your game and let me know how it’s going!

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PhoneGap on Windows Phone


Glen Gordon has begun a blog series on tips and tricks to get your HTML5 site running on windows Phone using Phone Gap.

PhoneGap is an HTML5 app platform that allows you to author native applications with web technologies and get access to APIs and app stores. PhoneGap leverages web technologies developers already know best… HTML and JavaScript.

WP7 support for PhoneGap is in fact pretty significant because it opens up the Windows Phone Marketplace to tons of developers who have HTML/JS skills. Turns out you can create some pretty nifty apps with only those technologies running inside a Windows Phone app. But what if you want to take it up a level and really incorporate some cool features of the phone? I would suggest you head over to Glen Gordon’s series to check it out!

Image from Phone Gap