LinkedIn Veterans Hackday

On 11/11/11, LinkedIn and the White House are joining forces for the first-ever open Veterans Hackday. If you’re a student with technical skills or you want to build an app for a hackday, this is a great opportunity for you!

Here’s the mission:

  1. Find teammates or go it alone
  2. Build a project that helps veterans
  3. Present your hack to the celebrity judges for a chance to win prizes

It’s open to everyone. Veterans serve our country every day. Now is your chance to give something back. Grab some teammates, your laptop, a pot of coffee, and use your tech skills to put together a project that will benefit our veterans. [via LinkedIn]

Added bonus: Your Veterans Hackday project would make a perfect entry into the Imagine Cup, a global student technology competition that asks you to make the world a better place using technology. Have questions about the Imagine Cup? Let me know! I’d love to support your team!

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