Learn Azure!

This Tuesday, Dec 13th there will bea special Learn Windows Azure training event for developers.  It will provide a great way to learn Windows Azure and what it provides.  Attend the event either by watching it streamed LIVE online, or by attending in person (on the Microsoft Redmond Campus).  Both options are completely FREE.

Learn Windows Azure Event

During the Learn Windows Azure event attendees will learn how to start building great cloud based applications using Windows Azure.

top_imageScott Guthrie will be kicking off the day with a 90 minute keynote that will provide an overview of Windows Azure, during which he’ll explain the concepts behind it and the core features and benefits it provides.  He’ll also walkthrough how to build applications for it using .NET, Visual Studio and the Windows Azure SDK (with lots of demos of it in action).

The rest of the day will be spent drilling into more depth on Cloud Data and Storage, how to use the Visual Studio Windows Azure Tools, how to Build Scalable Cloud Applications, and close off with an Q&A panel with Scott, Dave Campbell and Mark Russinovich.

Register Now for Free

The free Learn Windows Azure event will start at 9am (PST) on Dec 13th.  Watch the entire event live on Channel9 or attend it in person.  Both options are completely FREE.

  • Register now to watch online or attend the event in person for FREE

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