The Campus Coder Show #3: Ben Snyder and Zach Hoefler

The Campus Coder is a half-hour podcast series that features interviews with student developers who have made the leap into professional development with Microsoft tools. It’s intended to educate, entertain and enlighten aspiring student developers!

This week, Ed and Glen talk with Ben Snyder and Zach Hoefler, two students from the Rochester Institute of Technology in NY. In this show, Ben and Zach talk about the awesomeness of participating in Global Gam Jams and strategies for doing your best work in just 48 hours. They also talk about their experiences using the Windows Phone developer tools. Ben and Zach have also been judges on the Imagine Cup competition, so you get some great hints for what judges are looking for in these competitions. Our guests also weigh with their opinion on the future of mobile and social gaming.

Listen to the full podcast here!

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