Get Started with Windows 8 Today!

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Begin your 30-day journey to create a Windows 8 Metro style app. Sign up to get started and receive:

  • Insider tips and tricks on Windows 8 application development.
  • Personal on-the-phone access to a Windows 8 architect. *
  • An exclusive one-on-one Metro style design consultation. *
  • An opportunity to get expert help from a Microsoft Services Engineer at an App Excellence Lab.

4 thoughts on “Get Started with Windows 8 Today!

  1. I signed up for this, but I started to feel like it was designed for someone that’s already used to programming software.

    I’m a Web Designer, so I’m pretty comfy writing code (HTML, CSS anyway) but I felt a little lost…is this normal? Should I be looking elsewhere for learning how to make a few apps of my own? :/

  2. Thanks, I’ll be checking out this page tonight..just from a glance, it looks useful. Also, sorry about commenting on a nearly year old post 🙂

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