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WebMatrix 2 Beta Released


WebMatrix is a nifty tool from Microsoft that allows to start web development in just a few clicks. This preview release has added some asked-for features from users:

  • Helpful links from applications like WordPress, Joomla!, and Umbraco in WebMatrix
  • Code completions and suggestions for HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, JavaScript, and PHP
  • Inline color picker for color-based CSS properties
  • Create a publishing profile that saves your settings and makes publishing your site a breeze

Check out WebMatrix 2 Beta and start creating for the web!

I <3 Infographics!

Here’s a little-known fact about me: I L-O-V-E infographics. Alright, it’s not a little-known fact, but it is true! I love the idea of presenting chunks of data (whether important, boring, shocking, historical, etc.) in a highly visual and easy-to-digest format. In hopes that you are as inquisitive and curious as I am, I’m going to start doing a weekly feature of infographics that I’ve enjoyed and that are relevant to some aspect of technology. Without further ado, here’s your first CreepyEd Infrographic Fix!

The Evolution of Web Design from KISSmetrics. Think about it: where will web design be in the next 20 years?