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Win a Nokia Lumia 900

Come by the Microsoft booth at the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing for your chance to win a Nokia Lumia 900!

You can enter to win by creating your very first Windows Phone app. We have four tutorials for you to walk through to create your first app. You can do the tutorials at the Microsoft booth where we have machines set up with the tools or you can do them on your own machine and show us. Every tutorial you complete gets you an entry into the raffle. Since there are four tutorials, you can enter up to four times! (You can only win once though :))

If you want to do the tutorial on your own machine, awesome! The first step is to download the free tools here. Get the tutorials to work through from here. There are a couple of ways to show us you’ve done the tutorials:

  • Bring your machine to the Microsoft booth and show us your app! (If you do all four tutorials, you’ll end up having one app for tutorials 1-3 and one app for tutorial 4)   OR
  • Put your .xap files on a USB stick (like the USB bracelet from the Microsoft booth). A .xap file is the exeutable file for your app. You can find the .xap file by going to your project folder -> project name -> Bin -> Debug -> your .xap file. Here’s a screenshot of where I find .xap files:

If you do the tutorials on your own, come in to the booth and we’ll deploy your app on a Windows Phone so you can see what it looks like “in the wild.”

Main point: Build a phone app (from the tutorials) and enter to win a Windows Phone! Yay!!

Got XNA? Win $20k in DreamBuildPlay!

Shamelessly reblogging from Joe Healy over at DevFish:


Here’s the short version. Over 14? Write a cool Windows Phone Game and submit it to the Dream.Build.Play site. You could win up to $20,000. Yep, that’s it. In a nutshell. So on to the long-winded stuff.

Windows Phone the prizes are $20k, $10k, $5k, and $2500 respectively. The top 20 finalists will also get Phones. Want some inspiration, check out last year’s XBOX winners at https://www.dreambuildplay.com/main/winners.aspx . Obviously the competition is going to be tough. Make something good. And if you publish it, let me know. I’m always looking to brag about our phone devs!

Registration until May 15, Submission until June 12
Judging on fun/innovative/quality
Must be greater than 14 years old
All submissions are in English
You cannot submit if you live in Cuba, Iran, North Korean, Sudan or Syria
Official Rules – https://www.dreambuildplay.com/main/officialrules.aspx

The HackReady.Phone Webcast Series

Dani Diaz (@danidiaz) and Lindsay Lindstrom (@LindsayInPhilly), fellow evangelists and all around rockstars, are going to be doing an MSDN Webcast series that starts on Tuesday! Make some time and get your learning on! Here’s the info and schedule:

Join us for HackReady, the new online learning series designed for developers to bring you the vital bits you need, without the fluff you won’t miss. Full of key information and demonstrations, this series gives you a solid understanding of the tools, techniques, and resources you need to become HackReady.

The HackReady.Phone series brings you seven episodes, from start to marketplace. Whether you are a new Windows Phone developer thinking about your first app or well on your way to publishing, these sessions help you get there. Join us for one or the whole series—pick and choose as you like.

(Tue 4/3 10AM PST)
MSDN Webcast: HackReady.Phone, Episode 1: Introduction to the Windows Phone Platform (Level 100) – http://aka.ms/HackReadyPhone1

(Thur 4/5 10AM PST)
MSDN Webcast: HackReady.Phone, Episode 2: Working with Internal and External Data in Windows Phone (Level 200) – http://aka.ms/HackReadyPhone2

(Tue 4/10 10AM PST)
MSDN Webcast: HackReady.Phone, Episode 3: Understanding Windows Phone’s Application Lifecycle and State Management (Level 200) – http://aka.ms/HackReadyPhone3

(Thur 4/12 10AM PST)
MSDN Webcast: HackReady.Phone, Episode 4: Working with Windows Phone Sensors and Other APIs (Level 200)http://aka.ms/HackReadyPhone4

(Tue 4/17 10AM PST)
MSDN Webcast: HackReady.Phone, Episode 5: Enhancing the User Experience and App Usability with Live Tiles, Push Notifications, and Background Agents (Level 200) – http://aka.ms/HackReadyPhone5

(Thur 4/19 10AM PST)
MSDN Webcast: HackReady.Phone, Episode 6: Enhancing Performance and Application Testing (Level 200) – http://aka.ms/HackReadyPhone6

(Tue 4/24 10AM PST)
MSDN Webcast: HackReady.Phone, Episode 7: Ready, Set, Publish: Everything You Need to Know About Releasing Your Apps (Level 200) – http://aka.ms/HackReadyPhone7

Get ready for the series and download the Windows Phone SDK!

Fast Track App Winners & Notable Finalists!

About the Challenge

Core77 and Microsoft’s Windows Phone teams challenged the international design community to design apps for Windows Phone 7.5 that would help users do their work—where ever it takes place. Five winning app designs were selected and the designers connected to established Windows Phone app developers to advise or partner with to help develop their ideas into functioning apps.

The remaining Finalists were also provided resources and interested Windows Phone developer contacts, and the first to develop and launch their apps by the end of February became the Notable Finalists. Find out more at the original Fast Track App submission site.

I love Project Mosaic, 1tap2send and MetroDiff! Which ones are your favorites? Let me know in the comments!

Check out this list of apps that are available in the Windows Phone Marketplace today!


carpal car-pal+
car-pal+ is the ultimate app for any vehicle, anywhere. Helps vehicle owners track fuel efficiency, find the nearest gas station, and log maintenance reminders.
Get the app!
socialmints Social Mints
Social Mints is a FREE powerful app that allows you to easily monitor the Web and Social Media for interesting and trending content in real-time. You can track & measure what people are saying about a topic that interests you, get the latest on a celebrity or event and keep tabs on your favorite sports teams.
Get the app!
cashhound Cash Hound
Cash Hound helps you quickly make informed spending decisions while you’re on the go. Equally useful for both personal and business finance, Cash Hound shows you, at a glance, how much money you can spend today and still have enough left over to pay your upcoming expenses. (formerly Rhythmatic)
Get the app!

Notable Finalists

traveltrove Travel Trove
When you tap the plus sign at the bottom of the screen you will add a scheduled notification about a place to visit.
Get the app!
projectmosaic Project Mosaic
Ever wanted to make a mosaic using thousands of photos? Project Mosaic will use your pictures that you have on your phone, plus all the album art of any music you have, plus the profile pictures of all your contacts (from Facebook etc.) and will place them in their correct place to make up a larger image.
Get the app!
1tap2send 1tap2send
1tap2send lets you define template messages and when you’ll need them, just use them instantly. You can create new messages or customize the templates. Set the title, the message and choose a contact. You can select from a list of icons and colors for a quicker overview.
Get the app!
youtubedownload YouTube Download
YouTube Download allows you to download all YouTube videos you desire on your smartphone. You can watch them again each time you want and each time you are offline.
Get the app!
meetingplanner Meeting Planner
Meeting Planner helps to find the next available time slots to create a meeting. Meeting Planner will search between all your calendars on your Windows Phone.
Get the app!
getreimbursed Get Reimbursed
Now, you can track your expense reports, your mileage records and all your receipts right from your phone using this app. Just take a picture of your receipts, attach them to a transaction quickly or plug in your mileage records and you are ready to submit your expense report.
Get the app!
metrodiff MetroDiff
MetroDiff is a differencing and merging tool for Windows Phone. MetroDiff can compare files and raw text. It can also be used as a simple text and webpage sourcecode viewer.
Get the app!
mhealth mHealth
mHeath is a Windows Phone 7 game which engages users to adopt a virtual pet within the application; it will mimic many real-life health issues within the game.
Get the app!
smsscheduler SMS Scheduler
Using SMS Scheduler you can schedule a text message to be sent to any number of recipient at any time.
Get the app!
taskmaster TASKMASTER
TASKMASTER is an app to plan and organize your everyday tasks and long time plans.
Get the app!
slickflow SlickFlow
SlickFlow is a workflow software designed for the Windows Phone platform. With SlickFlow, users will be able to identify, at any time, at which stage a process is, who is the owner of the current stage and when the project was last updated.
Get the app!
daysuntil Days Until
Days Until takes the complexity out of knowing how many days a left for a particular event. It lists the events in a simple interface, so you can check out the days left for an event at a glance.
Get the app!
drawandtell Draw & Tell
Draw & Tell will make it easy for everyone to draw and share storyboards, even for people who cannot draw for nuts. This app will increase work productivity especially in the creativity aspects.
Get the app!

Student Windows Phone Apps Need Votes!

This year we’ve been hard at work engaging with student developers all over the world. Our goal is to inspire the next generation of developers to create unique experiences for Windows Phone.

A little bit ago I blogged about a promotion called Big App on Campus targeting US student developers:

  • The idea: students create great apps
  • The reward: the developers of the top 10 apps all get flown to SXSW in Austin for a once-in-a-lifetime experience: passes to the music festival, a special concert with The Gracious Few and Candlebox, a VIP dinner with the bands, and an interview on national radio about their apps and experience
  • The big payoff: the top overall paid and free app will each win $15k!

The past week was spent judging all the submitted apps and the top 20 semi-finalists (10 paid apps, 10 free apps) have been chosen. Now it’s up to public voting to determine who will get to go to SXSW and who will return home $15k richer with the title “Big App on Campus”.

Please take 10 minutes to check out the student apps on the dedicated Facebook page. Download any apps that catch your eye and/or “Like” them on Facebook. We will be using the downloads and “Likes” to determine the finalists and overall winners.


Forward to your friends and have them vote too! Thanks @BenLower for spearheading the voting initiative

Imagine Cup 2012, There’s Still Time!

Still want to compete in the Imagine Cup for fame, fortune and a trip to Sydney? (The opportunity to change the world is assumed Smile) You might have missed the deadline for the Software and Game Design competition, but there are still FOUR Imagine Cup Challenges that you can enter! For Round 1, the barriers to entry for these challenges are low, so you have time to submit something awesome! You’ll be submitting a project plan (not a project) or taking a quiz. Which challenge is for you?

Kinect Fun Labs Challenge

Go beyond games. Build a prototype using Natural User Interfaces to change how we interact with technology. Submit your Project Plan by 23:59 GMT on March 6th. Teams that move onto Round 2 will receive a free Kinect for Windows sensor! Get started building your solution today!

Windows Metro Style App Challenge

Test your Team’s ability to design and build a Metro style app that takes advantage of Windows 8 features and design principles to deliver an experience that solves one of the world’s toughest problems and wows those across the globe. For Round 1 you need to create your team and pass the Round 1 quiz with a score of 50% or higher. The upcoming quizzes are February 28th and March 6th. Sign up and get ready to take your first quiz!

Windows Azure Challenge

Be a contributor to the “next big thing” in the technology industry and solve one of the world’s toughest problems at the same time. Get your smartest friends together, or work on your own and show how one idea can impact the lives of people around the world! Submit your Application Summary & SketchFlow prototype by 23:59 GMT on March 13th. Teams that move onto Round 2 will receive a 180-day Azure pass! Get started on your web application today!

Windows Phone Challenge

Take your ideas mobile! Create a Windows Phone app that helps make the world a better place. Make your app available to millions by listing in the Marketplace and make a difference right away. Submit your Application Summary & SketchFlow prototype by 23:59 GMT on March 13th. Get started on your app today!


Need a Little Inspiration? Not sure which one of the world’s toughest problems you want to solve? You can choose to address a global problem or something in your local community that inspires you. You can find some additional motivation through one of the eight United Nations Millennium Development Goals. While these MDGs are not required to be in your solution, the Imagine Cup offers these ambitious challenges as a guide to help you promote change in your local community or around the world. You find additional inspiration from the great ideas in Nokia’s IdeasProject.

Get Connected. Follow the Imagine Cup Blog to gain access to new training and resources to help you with your project, read about past Imagine Cup competitors’ successes, and get tips from your Captain.

Global Game Jam: It’s on, we’re there!

This weekend is Global Game Jam! If you follow Andrew Parsons’ blog then you’ll know that this year Global Game Jam especially exciting. If not, you can head over to his post or you can read this telling excerpt:

And this year it’s even more exciting for me because Microsoft has sponsored a number of the GGJ sites in the East Coast of the US, and a bunch of us are going to be there. For example, I’m going to be heading over to the Jams at NJIT in Newark, NJ and NYU in downtown Manhattan. And because we love Windows Phone (and secretly I want to encourage as many students to find out how easy it is to develop for the Windows Phone and maybe enter Imagine Cup too), for those specific sites we’re at, we’re going to be coming with actual phones to give away to any teams that want to try their hand at building Windows Phone games on the weekend itself. Cool!

The East Region Audience Team is going to deployed all over the East Coast in the name of game jams and Windows Phones! If you’re going to a site on the list below, give some serious thought to a Windows Phone game. Just in case it didn’t sink in the first time, here’s why:   : )

If you create a Windows Phone game your team will receive a Windows Phone!

I’m going to be at the Rockville and Baltimore jams. I’ll see you there!


Big App On Campus!

We see new, amazing experiences created every day by student developers and we wanted to come up with a way to return the favor: we are partnering with the band The Gracious Few (featuring members of the bands LIVE and Candlebox) to create an amazing experience for ten (10) US college students (and their guest) in Austin, TX at SXSW: attend a private concert, receive backstage passes, go to a private dinner with the band, and be interviewed on national radio about their apps.

We’re topping all this off with two $15,000 cash awards (one for the top free app and another for the top paid app) for the two apps that will be named “Big App on Campus.”

Big App on Campus (BAOC) is open to US College and University students who build apps for Windows Phone. Each app created from August 1st, 2011 until February 14th, 2012 can be entered and students can submit multiple entries.

Overview of Prizes

  • clip_image003Top free app + top paid app get $15,000 each!!
  • 10 students (and their guests) will join us in Austin, TX for SXSW Music festival in March 2012
  • Transportation, hotel, $500 spending money
  • Private concert with The Gracious Few
  • Backstage passes and private dinner with the band


Timeline & Judging Criteria

There are a few dates of note:

  • February 14, 2012 -> deadline for all entries to be submitted
  • February 15, 2012 -> Round 1: Judging
  • February 23, 2012 -> Round 2: Public voting
  • March 1, 2012 -> Round 3: Public voting to select Big App on Campus
  • March 13-18, 2012 -> SXSW Music festival in Austin, TX

Every app submitted will be judged on three criteria:

  • Innovation (40%): How innovative is the app? Does it do something new or does it accomplish something in a new way?
  • Experience (40%): Does it feel seamless and like a native experience on Windows Phone? Does the app have a polished feel?
  • Potential (20%): Does the app have potential in the market (lots of users, making money, both) or not?

Public voting will include a combo of number of downloads of the app + “Likes” on Facebook. Semi-finalists will definitely want to think about how they can get their friends, family, fellow-students, and even complete strangers to download and “Like” their apps.

How to Enter

Obviously entering requires building & publishing an app. Each student must also complete the Official entry form (takes 49.7 seconds on average). Here’s what to do:

  1. Register for DreamSpark at http://www.dreamspark.com and for an App Hub membership (both are free of charge for students) at https://users.create.msdn.com/Register/. Also check out our great Getting Started Guide for more info and resources. https://www.dreamspark.com/Products/Product.aspx?ProductId=28
  2. Create & publish a Windows Phone application to the Windows Phone Marketplace. Make the apps free, charge money, put ads in them…it’s up to you.
  3. Visit http://wpdev.ms/BAOCApplication and complete an Official entry form. Do this after you’ve published your apps because you’ll need the App ID.

The full details are in the Official Rules so make sure you check them out.

Eligibility & Rules

Windows Phone Colors in RGB & Hex Values

UPDATE: Get the latest colors for Windows Phone 8 (HEX & RGB) here! Get Windows 8 theme colors (HEX) here!

I find myself looking up the values of these colors a lot, so I thought other people might as well. If you want copy/paste-able color codes, see the table below.


Magenta #FF0094 RGB(255, 0, 148)
Purple #A500FF RGB(165, 0, 255)
Teal #00AAAD RGB(0, 170, 173)
Lime #8CBE29 RGB(140, 190, 41)
Brown #9C5100 RGB(156, 81, 0)
Pink #E671B5 RGB(230, 113, 181)
Mango #EF9608 RGB(239, 150, 8 )
Blue #19A2DE RGB(25, 162, 222)
Red #E61400 RGB(230, 20, 0)
Green #319A31 RGB(49, 154, 49)

Useful Links for Windows Phone Development

The other day, I was at the Windows Phone Camp at Howard University. We had developers & students and beginners & experts in attendance. I got the pleasure of presenting the sessions on Silverlight and XNA. Similar to other Windows Phone Camps, we also had a hackathon that gave developers a chance to win great prizes like Marketplace subscriptions and even a Windows Phone!

During my presentation I showed a few links to some useful resources for Windows Phone Development. After the presentation I received a lot of requests to post those links so people can refer to them. I’ve compiled the links here! Have some resources that have helped you? Let me know in the comments!

Looking for training kits?

Help moving from other platforms?

Learn about the Metro UI

Get more functionality in your apps

Slides and Demos