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Windows Phone 8 Theme Colors (HEX & RGB)

If you read my last blog post, you know the Windows Phone 8 SDK is out! Yay! Along with the new SDK, there are some new theme colors. Below you’ll find a summary of the new colors in HEX and RGB values. Usually I put the HEX & RGB values in a table, but I’m just going to list them out. No worries though, they’re still copy/paste-able 😀 (Need Windows 8 colors? Get the HEX codes here.)

Windows Phone 8 app resources will be coming soon to Generation App! In the meantime, why don’t you get started on a Windows 8 companion app?


Lime: #A4C400; RGB(164, 196, 0)

Green: #60A917; RGB(96, 169, 23)

Emerald: #008A00; RGB(0, 138, 0)

Teal: #00ABA9; RGB(0, 171, 169)

Cyan: #1BA1E2; RGB(27, 161, 226)

Cobalt: #0050EF; RGB(0, 80, 239)

Indigo: #6A00FF; RGB(106, 0, 255)

Violet: #AA00FF; RGB(170, 0, 255)

Pink: #F472D0; RGB(244, 114, 208)

Magenta: #D80073; RGB(216, 0, 115)

Crimson: #A20025; RGB(162, 0, 37)

Red: #E51400; RGB(229, 20, 0)

Orange: #FA6800; RGB(250, 104, 0)

Amber: #F0A30A; RGB(240, 163, 10)

Yellow: #E3C800; RGB(227, 200, 0)

Brown: #825A2C; RGB(130, 90, 44)

Olive: #6D8764; RGB(109, 135, 100)

Steel: #647687; RGB(100, 118, 135)

Mauve: #76608A; RGB(118, 96, 138)

Taupe: #87794E; RGB(135, 121, 78)

Announcing Windows Phone 8


Earlier today, Windows Phone SDK 8.0 was announced at Build!

The SDK includes development support for Windows Phone 8, support for C++ games and apps, an updated emulator for Windows Phone 8, Windows Phone support for Visual Studio 2012 (both 7 and 8), and is easier to port apps between Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8.  Developers who don’t have Visual Studio can use the Visual Studio 2012 Express for Windows Phone to create their apps.  If a developer has Visual Studio 2012 Professional, Premium, or Ultimate; it will add the Windows Phone development projects to their IDE.

Developer Offer

From the Windows Phone Developer Blog: (click through for the full announcement)

Windows Phone 8 is out, the tools are available, and devices are about to be released—it’s time to get coding. As an added incentive, for the next 8 days individual developers can register for a Dev Center account for just $8 (a 92 percent savings). Please note because this is a very limited time offer. You’ll be charged $99 USD or equivalent in your local currency, and we’ll refund the difference in the next 30 to 45 days. Watch for more details on Dev Center soon.

10 Reasons to Look at Windows Phone 8

1.         New Windows Phone developers can bring their existing skills to start creating apps right away.  Use XAML/.NET to write apps or DirectX/C++ to create games for Windows Phone.

2.         Tie Windows Phone apps with web services to create outstanding experiences with Visual Studio Professional or higher with the Windows Phone add-in.

3.         Reduce development time for multi-platform games by using C++.

4.         Port existing OpenGL games to DirectX to take advantage of existing game libraries and logic with minimal alterations.

5.         Get clean web based game rendering with the improved HTML5 & JavaScript support in the IE10 web browser control.

6.         Fine tune your users’ experiences by taking advantage of Blend for Visual Studio 2012.

7.         Simulate the real world when testing your apps and games with the Windows Phone Emulator.

8.         Find CPU and memory issues faster with the Profiler.

9.         Minimize app certification time by using the pre-test for Windows Phone Store technical certification with Test Kit.

10.        Develop apps using Visual Studio 2012, one of the most productive integrated development environments (IDE) for turning ideas into software.

I’m super excited about Windows Phone 8 to be out and I can’t wait to see the great apps targeting all the new feature. If you have any questions, let me know!

Win a Nokia Lumia 900

Come by the Microsoft booth at the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing for your chance to win a Nokia Lumia 900!

You can enter to win by creating your very first Windows Phone app. We have four tutorials for you to walk through to create your first app. You can do the tutorials at the Microsoft booth where we have machines set up with the tools or you can do them on your own machine and show us. Every tutorial you complete gets you an entry into the raffle. Since there are four tutorials, you can enter up to four times! (You can only win once though :))

If you want to do the tutorial on your own machine, awesome! The first step is to download the free tools here. Get the tutorials to work through from here. There are a couple of ways to show us you’ve done the tutorials:

  • Bring your machine to the Microsoft booth and show us your app! (If you do all four tutorials, you’ll end up having one app for tutorials 1-3 and one app for tutorial 4)   OR
  • Put your .xap files on a USB stick (like the USB bracelet from the Microsoft booth). A .xap file is the exeutable file for your app. You can find the .xap file by going to your project folder -> project name -> Bin -> Debug -> your .xap file. Here’s a screenshot of where I find .xap files:

If you do the tutorials on your own, come in to the booth and we’ll deploy your app on a Windows Phone so you can see what it looks like “in the wild.”

Main point: Build a phone app (from the tutorials) and enter to win a Windows Phone! Yay!!

The Campus Coder Show #1: Chevon Christie

The Campus Coder is a half-hour podcast series that features interviews with student developers who have made the leap into professional development with Microsoft tools. It’s intended to educate, entertain and enlighten aspiring student developers!

Chevon Christie (@chevonchr) is a student developer in the Macaulay Honors College at Hunter College in New York. Chevon has had great success in creating Windows Phone apps.

Join us for a half hour and hear Chevon describe how his foresight about Windows Phone helped him be a successful app publisher right out of the gate. Chevon also shares some great resources that you won’t want to miss. As a bonus, you’ll get to hear what Glen’s first computer was – it might surprise you.

Listen to the full podcast here!

30 Days of App Development Tips

In May I tweeted some Windows Phone development tips. So you don’t have to go through my Twitter stream, I’ve compiled all 30 of the tips here. Starting at Day 1 and all the way to Day 30, here are some app development tips! And be sure to follow me on Twitter, @creepyed!

Day 1 – Check out the User Experience Design Guidelines for #WindowsPhone! http://bit.ly/LBJOwe #wpdev #Undergr0und

Day 2 – Creating your first #WindowsPhone user interface! http://bit.ly/KgYwX0 #wpdev #Undergr0und

Day 3 – Building your first Silverlight app for #WindowsPhone http://bit.ly/LsmJxM & for XNA framework application: http://bit.ly/Kdiicv

Day 4 – Creating a Splash Screen for your #WindowsPhone application  http://bit.ly/NKJY61 #wpdev #Undergr0und

Day 5 – Adding panorama & pivot controls to your app http://bit.ly/LcdHEd & pivot controls: http://bit.ly/KHtHAH #wpdev

Day 6 – Adding an application bar to your app! XAML: http://bit.ly/Kh0vKU app bar:  http://bit.ly/Mft93n & buttons http://bit.ly/Kh0Dua

Day 7 – Changing the on-screen keyboard input scope in #WindowsPhone http://bit.ly/KLcwZ1 #wpdev #undergr0und

Day 8 – Applying Theme Resources for #WindowsPhonehttp://bit.ly/IGa0mZ #wpdev #undergr0und

Day 9 – Performing Page Navigation on #WindowsPhone http://bit.ly/JbHuPV #wpdev #undergr0und

Day 10 – Working with Tiles in #WindowsPhone Demonstration here:  http://bit.ly/L3WH2x #wpdev #undergr0und

Day 11 – Using Photos with your #WindowsPhone app. Camera capture task: http://bit.ly/JzG2om & more http://bit.ly/IEOQqz #wpdev

Day 12 – Storing files & folders with #WindowsPhone! See examples: http://bit.ly/KNN7yK #wpdev #undergr0und

Day 13 – Using the Isolated Storage Explorer Tool http://bit.ly/J32PEX (super useful!) #wpdev #undergr0und

Day 14 – Downloading data with WebClient on #WindowsPhone! Code samples: http://bit.ly/JXRgkc #wpdev #undergr0und

Day 15 – Using Launchers & Choosers with your app! Launchers for#WindowsPhone http://bit.ly/JXUggI & http://bit.ly/JQhd4P

Day 16 – Extending the Pictures Hub and picture viewer experience for #WindowsPhone. Implement these elements http://bit.ly/L11zDo #wpdev

Day 17 – Integrating with the Music & Video Hubs for #WindowsPhone http://bit.ly/I0dwK1 #wpdev #undergr0und

Day 18 – Extending the #WindowsPhone search experience with App Connect! More here: http://bit.ly/LjN0kf #wpdev #undergr0und

Day 19 – Accessing the Microphone in a Silverlight app http://bit.ly/JmkFJD #WindowsPhone #wpdev #undergr0und

Day 20 – Integrating with the FM Radio for #WindowsPhone. Set up and tune http://bit.ly/KqNgbH #wpdev #undergr0und

Day 21 – Accessing the camera image stream. Base camera app info here: http://bit.ly/MbvpYi #WindowsPhone #wpdev #undergr0und

Day 22 – Download the Windows #Azure Toolkit to add support for push notifications. http://bit.ly/K8dIIs More here http://bit.ly/JtvfPd

Day 23 – Localizing your #WindowsPhone app http://bit.ly/L7t0Pz #wpdev #undergr0und

Day 24 – Creating Trial Applications for#WindowsPhone http://bit.ly/KLis9H #wpdev #undergr0und

Day 25 – Adding ads to your #WindowsPhone application http://bit.ly/LkNZLi #wpdev #undergr0und

Day 26 – Deploying and testing your app on a #WindowsPhonedevice http://bit.ly/Kg1NJ6 #wpdev #undergr0und

Day 27 – Performance tuning your apps. Capture & analyze performance http://bit.ly/KayJ6T & fix issues http://bit.ly/MnEKwn #wpdev

Day 28 – Creating screenshots for #WindowsPhone Marketplace submission http://bit.ly/KPmISc #wpdev #undergr0und

Day 29 – Using the #WindowsPhone Marketplace test kit http://bit.ly/LQzqFf #wpdev #undergr0und

Day 30 – #WindowsPhone Marketplace submission walkthrough http://bit.ly/JNjhLB #wpdev #undergr0und


Happy developing!

PhoneGap on Windows Phone


Glen Gordon has begun a blog series on tips and tricks to get your HTML5 site running on windows Phone using Phone Gap.

PhoneGap is an HTML5 app platform that allows you to author native applications with web technologies and get access to APIs and app stores. PhoneGap leverages web technologies developers already know best… HTML and JavaScript.

WP7 support for PhoneGap is in fact pretty significant because it opens up the Windows Phone Marketplace to tons of developers who have HTML/JS skills. Turns out you can create some pretty nifty apps with only those technologies running inside a Windows Phone app. But what if you want to take it up a level and really incorporate some cool features of the phone? I would suggest you head over to Glen Gordon’s series to check it out!

Image from Phone Gap

Announcing Metro Friday Hackathons!

Join us on three Fridays in May for Metro Friday Hackathons. We simply want to provide you with an event where you can sit around and co-work on your projects with specific goals in mind. Bring a computer and ideas.

What: Hackathon for Metro Styled Apps on Win8 or Windows Phone
When: 10am – 4pm, May 11, 18, 25 (come and go as you need to)
Where: Microsoft offices in the area, see below for specific dates
Who: Anyone. We’ll be there, you should too!
Registration: Just email eddonahue@live.com that you’re in

Ideas on what you could do

  • Publish your app during the hackathon! (this qualifies you for some special drawings!)
  • Evaluate your app for SDK 7.1.1 256mb emulator compatibility
  • Work on a project with experienced folks to help you
  • Jump start your Windows 8 or Windows Phone developer experience, cowork for a Day!

Install the dev tools before you show up

Dates and Locations:

  • May 11 – Microsoft Chevy Chase Office, 5404 Wisconsin Ave, Chevy Chase, MD (room 7027)
  • May 18 – Microsoft Reston Office, 12012 Sunset Hills Road, Reston, VA (rooms 3026 & 3028)
  • May 25 – Microsoft Chevy Chase Office, 5404 Wisconsin Ave, Chevy Chase, MD (room 7027)

See you there!

Got XNA? Win $20k in DreamBuildPlay!

Shamelessly reblogging from Joe Healy over at DevFish:


Here’s the short version. Over 14? Write a cool Windows Phone Game and submit it to the Dream.Build.Play site. You could win up to $20,000. Yep, that’s it. In a nutshell. So on to the long-winded stuff.

Windows Phone the prizes are $20k, $10k, $5k, and $2500 respectively. The top 20 finalists will also get Phones. Want some inspiration, check out last year’s XBOX winners at https://www.dreambuildplay.com/main/winners.aspx . Obviously the competition is going to be tough. Make something good. And if you publish it, let me know. I’m always looking to brag about our phone devs!

Registration until May 15, Submission until June 12
Judging on fun/innovative/quality
Must be greater than 14 years old
All submissions are in English
You cannot submit if you live in Cuba, Iran, North Korean, Sudan or Syria
Official Rules – https://www.dreambuildplay.com/main/officialrules.aspx