Windows Phone 8 Theme Colors (HEX & RGB)

If you read my last blog post, you know the Windows Phone 8 SDK is out! Yay! Along with the new SDK, there are some new theme colors. Below you’ll find a summary of the new colors in HEX and RGB values. Usually I put the HEX & RGB values in a table, but I’m just going to list them out. No worries though, they’re still copy/paste-able 😀 (Need Windows 8 colors? Get the HEX codes here.)

Windows Phone 8 app resources will be coming soon to Generation App! In the meantime, why don’t you get started on a Windows 8 companion app?


Lime: #A4C400; RGB(164, 196, 0)

Green: #60A917; RGB(96, 169, 23)

Emerald: #008A00; RGB(0, 138, 0)

Teal: #00ABA9; RGB(0, 171, 169)

Cyan: #1BA1E2; RGB(27, 161, 226)

Cobalt: #0050EF; RGB(0, 80, 239)

Indigo: #6A00FF; RGB(106, 0, 255)

Violet: #AA00FF; RGB(170, 0, 255)

Pink: #F472D0; RGB(244, 114, 208)

Magenta: #D80073; RGB(216, 0, 115)

Crimson: #A20025; RGB(162, 0, 37)

Red: #E51400; RGB(229, 20, 0)

Orange: #FA6800; RGB(250, 104, 0)

Amber: #F0A30A; RGB(240, 163, 10)

Yellow: #E3C800; RGB(227, 200, 0)

Brown: #825A2C; RGB(130, 90, 44)

Olive: #6D8764; RGB(109, 135, 100)

Steel: #647687; RGB(100, 118, 135)

Mauve: #76608A; RGB(118, 96, 138)

Taupe: #87794E; RGB(135, 121, 78)

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  1. Juha says:

    Thank You!

    Now I’v got my website right taupe color =)

  2. We really decided to use these colors in our websites.
    Thank you very much for this awesome sharing. this is amazing

  3. Can says:

    What is the RGB color of the default blue theme on the atlantic blue HTC Windows Phone 8s?

  4. Kamran Zahid says:

    Awesome Article Dude. Thanks a lot. It really helped me a lot !

  5. anom says:

    Isn’t there a Sienna color? That is #793A3E; RGB(122, 59, 63)

  6. pc says:

    Nice work woman, windows 8 is good and present different devices.
    I use the color codes because the user can have a color closeness if they visit my website too.

    This information helped me alot.

    Greetings from Germany.

  7. Stephen says:

    Thank you so much this is exactly what I needed!

    1. jhkghk says:


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  9. Samer says:

    Thanks for the Windows Phone 8 exact Cyan color.

  10. Julio Cesar Virrey says:

    Muchas gracias amigo, me ha sido de gran utilidad saludos!!

  11. Teete Kirabo says:

    i want maroon color

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