XNA-in-a-Day at Virginia Tech

One of the fun events that I really enjoy putting on is XNA-in-a-Day. This event introduces student to general game development in a day-long session. It’s great for students who are looking to get started in game development. What makes this event so fantastic is that it covers information around XNA for Xbox, Windows, and Windows Phone. That’s three platforms in one day! For the XNA-in-a-Day content, a huge thank you goes out to Andrew Parsons (@MrAndyPuppy)who actually wrote the content. For this event specifically, a huge thank you goes out to Elena Nadolinski who was the presenteron Saturday at Virginia Tech. This was Elena’s first time doing this event and she was spectacular!

Couldn’t make it to XNA-in-a-Day? That’s ok! You can check out the slides here.

If you’ve been though XNA-in-a-Day and you want to continue with XNA, this presentation, XNA for Windows Phone, goes over some more things you can do with your game. Get the demos at bit.ly/EdDemos.

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