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Got XNA? Win $20k in DreamBuildPlay!

Shamelessly reblogging from Joe Healy over at DevFish:


Here’s the short version. Over 14? Write a cool Windows Phone Game and submit it to the Dream.Build.Play site. You could win up to $20,000. Yep, that’s it. In a nutshell. So on to the long-winded stuff.

Windows Phone the prizes are $20k, $10k, $5k, and $2500 respectively. The top 20 finalists will also get Phones. Want some inspiration, check out last year’s XBOX winners at https://www.dreambuildplay.com/main/winners.aspx . Obviously the competition is going to be tough. Make something good. And if you publish it, let me know. I’m always looking to brag about our phone devs!

Registration until May 15, Submission until June 12
Judging on fun/innovative/quality
Must be greater than 14 years old
All submissions are in English
You cannot submit if you live in Cuba, Iran, North Korean, Sudan or Syria
Official Rules – https://www.dreambuildplay.com/main/officialrules.aspx

XNA-in-a-Day at Virginia Tech

One of the fun events that I really enjoy putting on is XNA-in-a-Day. This event introduces student to general game development in a day-long session. It’s great for students who are looking to get started in game development. What makes this event so fantastic is that it covers information around XNA for Xbox, Windows, and Windows Phone. That’s three platforms in one day! For the XNA-in-a-Day content, a huge thank you goes out to Andrew Parsons (@MrAndyPuppy)who actually wrote the content. For this event specifically, a huge thank you goes out to Elena Nadolinski who was the presenteron Saturday at Virginia Tech. This was Elena’s first time doing this event and she was spectacular!

Couldn’t make it to XNA-in-a-Day? That’s ok! You can check out the slides here.

If you’ve been though XNA-in-a-Day and you want to continue with XNA, this presentation, XNA for Windows Phone, goes over some more things you can do with your game. Get the demos at bit.ly/EdDemos.

Global Game Jam: It’s on, we’re there!

This weekend is Global Game Jam! If you follow Andrew Parsons’ blog then you’ll know that this year Global Game Jam especially exciting. If not, you can head over to his post or you can read this telling excerpt:

And this year it’s even more exciting for me because Microsoft has sponsored a number of the GGJ sites in the East Coast of the US, and a bunch of us are going to be there. For example, I’m going to be heading over to the Jams at NJIT in Newark, NJ and NYU in downtown Manhattan. And because we love Windows Phone (and secretly I want to encourage as many students to find out how easy it is to develop for the Windows Phone and maybe enter Imagine Cup too), for those specific sites we’re at, we’re going to be coming with actual phones to give away to any teams that want to try their hand at building Windows Phone games on the weekend itself. Cool!

The East Region Audience Team is going to deployed all over the East Coast in the name of game jams and Windows Phones! If you’re going to a site on the list below, give some serious thought to a Windows Phone game. Just in case it didn’t sink in the first time, here’s why:   : )

If you create a Windows Phone game your team will receive a Windows Phone!

I’m going to be at the Rockville and Baltimore jams. I’ll see you there!


Useful Links for Windows Phone Development

The other day, I was at the Windows Phone Camp at Howard University. We had developers & students and beginners & experts in attendance. I got the pleasure of presenting the sessions on Silverlight and XNA. Similar to other Windows Phone Camps, we also had a hackathon that gave developers a chance to win great prizes like Marketplace subscriptions and even a Windows Phone!

During my presentation I showed a few links to some useful resources for Windows Phone Development. After the presentation I received a lot of requests to post those links so people can refer to them. I’ve compiled the links here! Have some resources that have helped you? Let me know in the comments!

Looking for training kits?

Help moving from other platforms?

Learn about the Metro UI

Get more functionality in your apps

Slides and Demos